The Beautiful Laura Dore

unnamedWe had the opportunity to sit down and learn more about Miss Dore !

Any Town USA : Where are you from?

Laura Dore:

I’m from Austin , TX

Any Town USA: What is Austin like?

Laura Dore :

Austin is laid back. Its real relaxed with good people and amazing food and vibes. A sneaker and bar hopping place. Not pretentious.

Any Town USA :How did you get to be apart or Kay Slays Straight Stunning Team

Laura Dore:

I initially met him when my ex-boyfriend was shooting for the cover and then I reached out some years later to see if he’d be open to working with me.

Any Town USA : What’s it like working with DJ Kay Slay?

Laura Dore:

I love working with Kay. He always has great business advice and is one of the most professional people I’ve worked with.

Any Town USA : Have you ever had any crazy fan experience if so what happened?

Laura Dore :

I’ve had some great fan experiences. I’ve had people send me tattoos they got of me-mind blown. Never thought I’d get that type of support.

Any Town USA: Are men Intimidated by you?

Laura Dore:

I think men don’t know what to make of me lol. I’m kind of a tomboy

Any Town Usa :What is the worst pick up line or attempted have you experienced?

Laura Dore:

” When we going shopping” is a pretty creepy one lol. The ” let me be rude so I’m different and standout” approach is pretty lame too

Any Town USA :Do you have any hidden talents your fans might not know about?

Laura Dore:

I played the violin from first grade through high school

Any Town USA :What’s next for you?

Laura Dore:

I have a couple projects in the works but I want to surprise everyone lol.

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