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Yung Booke Interview

Question: What exactly is it that you do?

A: I’m a producer. In a few months, I will be a well-established producer.


Question: When did you first start producing music?

A: About 6 months ago. I was always an artist, but one day I was bored. I was in the studio and My engineer wasn’t there so I produced my own song.


Question: What is your latest project?

A: I actually just dropped a mixtape called Children of The Corn


Question: What is your personal favorite song?

A: “Count my blessings.” The whole message behind the song is to county my blessings. It’s a feel-good trap song. It gives a message to always remember what you have and how you got it.


Question: Where are you from?

A: I’m from the Capital Homes project which is one of the wickedest projects in the heart of Atlanta.


Question: How did you transition from being Yung Booke in Capital Home projects to Young Booke the artist and producer?

A: It was a really a choice I had to make. The way I grew up, there were only two options: drugs or basketball. I was good at basketball but I couldn’t put up with the coaches because I had a bad attitude.


Question: How did all of this really start for you?

Answer: It really started when one of TI’s homeboys called my dad. I thought it was a joke and I hung up. They told me to come to as nightclub called “The Night Life”. I was sitting and then it wasn’t until I saw cameras flashing that I realized TIP really came.


Question: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I see myself sitting in a great position in a boss chair. I don’t want to answer to nobody.


Question: What exactly do you have in the works right now?

I’m working on numerous projects with artists 6tray, Skooly. I’m really working on my album. I have to perfect my craft.


Question: When did it hit you that you were a known rapper?

I realized rap was for me when I had fans running up on me especially when I was out of town


Question: Are you interested in signing artists?


Rico Recklezz

1526598732.125000.2.jpegRico Recklezz is currently one of the hottest things coming out of Chicago right now. Still buzzing of his latest tape, Grand Theft Auto 6 which dropped on the first of this year. Rico has in the media a lot lately and on his grind as well. The lyricist first decided to step onto the music scene after some time he had served in 2014. In previous interviews he mentioned that some rappers just weren’t doing it right. So then he came about.
Some know Recklezz by old and current feuds that are minor to him, but most know him as the artist that he is today. He is currently independent with potential deals on the table. Meanwhile, he’s focusing on Recklezz Renegade Recordz. Below he talks a bit about being indie, the start of his career and more. Rico Recklezz will also be seen during SXSW this year so expect to see a good show if you’re there as well! Read more below.
Bri: For those who aren’t familiar, who is Rico Recklezz?
Rico Recklezz: One of the best lyricist and entertainers coming out of Chicago. Everything I say and rap about is proven facts. You can see it for yourself. 
When did you decide that music was what you wanted to do as a career?
The last time I was in prison in 2014.  I told myself I was going to take it seriously and never look back. 
How do you feel about the music scene in Chicago?  
We’re lit right now.  Chicago has talent, a lot of great music, and it’s a lot of people behind the scenes that are from my city doing big things. 
Out of all the music you’ve put out, which song is your favorite? Why?  
Realer Than Wordz 2 Intro. Go listen to it and You’ll learn a lot about me. 
Are you currently signed or strictly independent? If independent, is there any label talk in the air as of now?  
I’m independent. I like doing things my way and I like that I have control over my music. I think about signing a deal.  There are offers on the table. I would sign the right deal I just want to be careful so we’re going with the flow and I’m going to keep working.  
As for the immediate future, what’s next for you?
Working on more music, merch, doing more shows and festivals, getting more money and being a great Dad. 

Meet Bandhunta Izzy

Meet Bandhunta Izzy. Rising star coming out Baltimore, Maryland. Izzy is under D1 Ent/Republic and is definitely on his grind right now. He started to pick up the attention of those from his home town back in 2016, with looks from many other cities to follow. This pasted January, Bandhunta Izzy finally dropped off his debut tape. Code Blue was premiered and featured on many big platforms and seemed to get really good feedback from fans. The tape including some pretty dope features such as Bandhunta Jugg, Key Glock, Peewee Longway and even his peer Young Crazy.
Since the release of Code Blue, has been seen in various cities for shows, interviews and more. In interviews, Izzy usually will mention factors that were key in his journey and also tell stories from along he way. He’s also dropped a visual for “In Love Wit da Trap,” a single from the tape, where he mentions the absence of his mother while growing up. You’ll find below that that’s a part of the reason he refers to himself as a “savage.” Izzy also briefly explains that he’s come from nothing, however, is growing through that at the young age of 21. Read more below and get to now Bandhunta Izzy!
Bri: For the readers who don’t know, tell us who Bandhunta Izzy is. 
Bandhunta Izzy: I never really had shit, but always low-key knew I was destined for more, now I’m just ready to be great. 
 Describe what it’s like being an artist emerging out of your city right now? 
It’s a lot of pressure no one has really made it in my lane, so all eyes on me right now. That’s hella pressure.
I’ve heard you mention in your music that your mother up and left when you were younger. How was that, how did it effect you? 
It made me boss up at a young age and made me realize faster, the responsibilities I had to endure to be on my own. It turned me into a savage. 
I know you put in time and hard work while creating of your project. What was the feeling you got once Code Blue was finally released?
I felt like it’s what the fans been looking for and I have appreciation because it came from two years of work. 
You’ve been on your grind for some time now. What is one of the biggest lessons you’ve learn so far? Do you feel like you’ve grown from it?
Don’t deal with the industry how you would be in the streets, because no one in the industry owes you any loyalty and they are going to be cut throat because they don’t owe you anything.
Lastly, what can we expect from you in the near future? 
Bigger work with bigger artists. 

Thank you,


Meet Clay James

Roland Henderson-St. Paul

Grinders Magazine




R: Tell Me About Yourself. How did you become CLAY JAMES?

CJ: I was born in the city of Atlanta and raised in Savannah, GA. I attended Georgia State University where I started rapping. Eventually I started getting booked at college shows such as Georgia Tech, UGA and all the Atlanta area based schools started to pay attention.The track landed in the hands of the folks behind Atlanta hip-hop station HOT 107.9’s show Battleground with J Nicks from the “Durty Boyz”. I won battlegrounds week after week to the point they had to retire it off the air. I began to realize that a career as a professional musician could be worth the dedication and time and from there, it took off, with touring and playing noteworthy festivals throughout the country.

R: How did you get up with Snoop Dogg?

CJ: My hard work paid off at South by Southwest. A packed schedule had me performing at numerous showcases throughout the week. I did this show called ‘Black Auerbach and Friends,’”.Basically, I performed, and affiliates of Snoop Dogg came up on the side of the stage and told me they liked my sound, came to the rest of my shows and we ended up kickin’ it for the rest of the week.


R: Who influenced your sense of style ?

CJ: I can take this back all the way to my college days. I used to go up to the shoe store by Georgia State and get all the gear, all the clothes I used to stay fresh. I had a dope story to tell, a dope look and a lot of girls liked me and because I crossed Kappa Alpha Psi, ( Killer Kappa Theta).  I wanted to be looked at differently from my peers. I looked at Louis Vuitton Don ( Old KanYe), Fonzworth Bentley, Andre 3000, etc. I wanted to give off the elegance of the Great Gasby.


R: What motivated you to become who you are today ?

CJ : Ultimately, I got bored with school. I was considering dropping out and I almost joined the air force but my frat brothers convinced me to stay in school. They told me I had a great story to tell and girls liked me so why not. By the end of the week, I was in the studio and I made my first mixtape The College Dropout : CJ The Fly Guy


R: How Did the Southern Playaz become one ?

CJ :. I always knew of “Sweet Tooth”. I respected his pimpin’. We saw each other doing our thing at our respective schools and that’s how we knew about each other. We actually met at the studio. As I was leaving, he was coming in. So once we got in the studio we just clicked.


R: How do you plan to use your platform to impact what’s going on in the community ?

CJ: I want to be a emblem of  masculinity and real playa boss shit. I’m not too fond of the skinny jeans and purses. That makes the black man look soft.


R: Does your fashion fuel your music ?

CJ: The fashion most definitely fuels the music for me. When I walk in the room I know I’m different. I like to be thought of as a Classic Man.


R: Where does your taste in music come from?

CJ: Growing up my mother worked at the radio station. His mother listened to the likes of Marvin Gaye as she cleaned the house as a youngin’. In 2010, everything came out of me. I listen to all the greats, Hov, Pac, UGK, Outkast, Boosie, etc. The Geechie stuff is just where I’m from. I like that too.


R: Who do you look to inspire in your everyday walk of life ?

CJ: People who are comfortable in their own skin.


R: What does black excellence mean to you ?

To be a good example in the community. To keep kickin’ flavor in style even if we don’t get credit for it. Move forward as a unified front, Black Magic.


The Beautiful Laura Dore

unnamedWe had the opportunity to sit down and learn more about Miss Dore !

Any Town USA : Where are you from?

Laura Dore:

I’m from Austin , TX

Any Town USA: What is Austin like?

Laura Dore :

Austin is laid back. Its real relaxed with good people and amazing food and vibes. A sneaker and bar hopping place. Not pretentious.

Any Town USA :How did you get to be apart or Kay Slays Straight Stunning Team

Laura Dore:

I initially met him when my ex-boyfriend was shooting for the cover and then I reached out some years later to see if he’d be open to working with me.

Any Town USA : What’s it like working with DJ Kay Slay?

Laura Dore:

I love working with Kay. He always has great business advice and is one of the most professional people I’ve worked with.

Any Town USA : Have you ever had any crazy fan experience if so what happened?

Laura Dore :

I’ve had some great fan experiences. I’ve had people send me tattoos they got of me-mind blown. Never thought I’d get that type of support.

Any Town USA: Are men Intimidated by you?

Laura Dore:

I think men don’t know what to make of me lol. I’m kind of a tomboy

Any Town Usa :What is the worst pick up line or attempted have you experienced?

Laura Dore:

” When we going shopping” is a pretty creepy one lol. The ” let me be rude so I’m different and standout” approach is pretty lame too

Any Town USA :Do you have any hidden talents your fans might not know about?

Laura Dore:

I played the violin from first grade through high school

Any Town USA :What’s next for you?

Laura Dore:

I have a couple projects in the works but I want to surprise everyone lol.

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