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AnyTownUSA Network TV is one of the dopest networks for rising artist in the entire country.

Founded by media personality Sean Price, AnyTownUSA Network TV is highly recognized for their AnyTownUSA Sound Stage unofficial SXSW events and events that has been curated throughout the country. The platform works with team of individuals who specializes in helping develop upcoming talented artist who has the potential to become mainstream.




Da Deacon is a upcoming MC who is taking the internet by storm with his very experience. The music video for his single “MuthaF$cka” (MotherFucker) has been streaming over 170,000 on YouTube.Having reached millions of people in marketing efforts and great style of music, make sure you stay tuned in with Da Deacon especially if you’re planning to attend SXSW!

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Twitter @deacon305

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Christopher Lee Pena (born January 7, 1987) better known as his stage name Mr C Stylz is an American rapper. Emerging from a small Texas town known as Kenedy, where at the age of 17 in 2005 started recording music off of a sound recorder and computer. 1 year later in 2006 at the age of 19 he dropped his first mix tape entitled “In My City” which moved 1000 units. From 06-10 he released a series of mix tapes, which are available for streaming on In 2010 the aspiring rapper was found guilty of possession with intent to sell cocaine.


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Facebook @mrcstylz

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What’s Going On with our beloved Good Guy, Mr. Stevie J?

AnytownUSA Mag Asks:
Well what isn’t? It’s only March and he’s already having a busy year.
Launching his first pop-up event in January for Sleazy J’s (For A Real Good Time) at a private location in Atlanta, Ga. Licked off the year. And with steady accomplishments and debuts for his Danger Zone artists like Estelita Quintaro whose new video for her single ‘Patrona’ is getting notice on social media and keeping it in the family, Dorian J (yes Stevie’s son) is definitely repping for Danger Zone too with his hot single and video ‘Blame It on the Drugz’.
Stevie’s drive and motivation to create is nonstop. You can catch him almost daily laying down another track. His hard work is not in vain, starting Danger Zone Sports Nutrition, recently appearing on ‘Star on Fox’ and landing a 5-page LEGACY cover shoot in Penthouse February, this Grammy Award winning producer, actor, musician, and entrepreneur is just getting started.
With the new season of ‘Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta’ slated to premiere March 19, 2018 many have questioned the dynamics of the show with the absence of Joseline, Stevie’s Ex and mother of his youngest, Bonnie Bella. Proving #Family Over Everything, the Jordan’s show they know what family means, and no matter what they will always be there for each other, ‘Leave It to Stevie’ returns for another season March 26, 2018.
We promise to check in on Stevie J soon and keep you updated as he stays on his grind!
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